Thursday, October 15, 2009

SM Appliances LCD tvs cheaper prices (at least in Cebu SM)

  SM Appliances and Robinsons Appliances and others have similiar products and prices now as I don't see the TVs featured so much in the front of the store updated October 2012 check out the latest posts at the right to get the best prices of LED tvs now.

Since I am observing a lot of clicks on LCD tvs on my Bargain Philippines, I stopped by the SM appliance store in SM Cebu today.  I found a 32 inch tv as low as 23,999 so if your in the market for a new LCD stop by the SM appliance store in your area.  The main entrance they may have the specials available.  Their website does not reflect the latest sales and I continue to promote that SM needs to have a section for individual stores so they can highlight their offering directly rather than one generic website for the whole nation.

Makro does not have any good buys this week on LCD tvs.  I hope they put out some more of their specials as they have had they have had the best buys I have found to date.
SM Appliance website for LCD TV's

Cebu Appliance in downtown Cebu
Alex Go email has shown the willingness to give good prices 
Sulit classified ads have some good buys on LCD tv's check them out

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