Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get ready for flatscreen TV price wars

Retail experts say the sweetest deals in the coming weeks will be on smaller LCD televisions and some bigger-size plasma TVs.

 If you're in the market for a new flatscreen TV this holiday season, you're in luck.

As nervous merchants prepare to draw reluctant shoppers with juicy sales, retail experts say some of the sweetest deals in the coming weeks will be on high-definition televisions.
As they compete for customers, TV sellers are going to wage a price war, and the biggest bargains will likely be on smaller models.

"The difference from prior holiday discounts on TVs is that consumers will find really, really good prices on 32-inch to 37-inch HDTVs and not necessarily the 65-inch models," said Phillip Swann, a consumer electronics expert and publisher of

"We're already seeing 32-inch LCD models under $400. Typically they are $500, or more," he said. "And we're also seeing prices drop from about a $1,000 for 40-inch screens to $800."

One example, Target is reportedly featuring a 32-inch Westinghouse LCD HDTV for $246 as a "doorbuster special" on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when holiday shopping kicks off in earnest.

"The smaller TV models also appeal to consumers who already have a 47 or 50-inch HDTV in the living room and they want to add another flatscreen in the bedroom or elsewhere," Rubin said.
At the same time, the economy and a shaky job market is also spurring interest in smaller-sized TVs.
"Consumers still want to buy a new TV, but at a smaller pricetag," said Swann.

Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) searches in the past 90 days for 32-inch LCD HDTVs have been 44% higher than searches for 37-inch LCD HDTVs, and 24% higher than searches for 42-inch LCD models.

Prices are slipping on big screens

But if you're determined to bag a bargain on a bigger screen, here's a useful tip: opt for a 720p model. "Your best chance on a great bargain is on a plasma 720p 50-inch TV for maybe a $1,000," said Swann.

So where will bargain hunters find the best deals? NPD's Rubin says Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco and online merchants will duke it out on TVs this holiday season.

In a sign of how fierce the battle on price might be, Wal-Mart jump started its TV promotions last weekend, offering its shoppers 42-inch Sharp 1080p HDTVs for $498, 46-inch Sharp model for $698 and 52-inch Sharp model for $898.

This article is horrible. There have been 32" LCD's under $400 almost all year long. Not to mention 50" plasmas regularly run around $800. 10 seconds of searching on Google will show you every black Friday ad for this holiday and the prices are nothing amazing. They seem like any regular Sunday savings.

Also dont fall for the 1080p hype. The only true 1080p source is Bluray. EVERYTHING else is 720p or less. You will be more than fine with 720p TV's. I have both 720p & 1080p and the difference is only present on Bluray.

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